You too, tell us about your meetings, tell us about the day you met this stranger with whom you would have liked to chat and learn more about him. But, you returned home frustrated, saying to yourself: but why didn't I speak to him? Why didn't I dare to call him? In fact, how do you know if he or she was available, open to a meeting?

The Lovizi Bracelet could have helped you that day !! If this person had worn the Bracelet then you would have known immediately that it was free or if this person saw your bracelet on you, either he knew the meaning of the bracelet and in this case you would have had all the chances that they approach you, either she did not know the meaning of the Lovizi Bracelet and in this case it would have been a very good opportunity to start the discussion by making her aware of this bracelet and explaining its meaning to her. Which would have allowed you to easily tell him that you were free and available.