The Lovizi Bracelet Lovizi

The Lovizi Bracelet

You too, tell us about your meetings, tell us about the day you met this stranger with whom you would have liked to chat and learn more about him. But, you returned home frustrated, saying to yourself: but why didn't I speak to him? Why didn't I dare to call him? In fact, how do you know if he or she was available, open to a...

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Behind your screen... Lovizi

Behind your screen...

Behind your screen, You hide your discomfort, You walk hoping To receive a letter, Or rather a message, On your cursed Apple,...

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Dating during Covid-19 Lovizi

Dating during Covid-19

Deconfinement: 76% of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 find it difficult to meet someone during coronavirus

UPDATED ON 06/22/20 AT 6:11 PM

Only 11% of young single people believe that their sex life evolved positively during confinement, against 23% of young people in a couple, according to our latest...

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